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Deus Design

Design Environments for Life.

A legacy of 40 years of experience combined with passion for Design.

Hence Deus design was born, a dynamic business that can offer a full 360-degree service.
From surveying to design, from fabrication to installation to timely after-sales service, to furnish all spaces found within nursing homes, group homes, RSAs, health care facilities, youth centers, etc.

Deus Design works to ensure that a new humanization of Architecture and Furniture in health care facilities can coexist with the residents’ needs.


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Deus Design: Technology and design for people's health.

We are registered on MEPA as a government agencies accredited supplier

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    Comfort and function, in perfect balance.

    Deus Design has several in-house professionals specialised in designing furniture for patient care environments.

    These are professional figures who have great interpretative sensitivity and a great deal of experience in the sector, as they must be able to reconcile – with extreme exactitude – the hospitality needs of frail persons in need of care, places and environments, both in terms of basic plant engineering and technical building modifications.

    Gyms, laboratories, postural clinics must meet people’s needs with a special focus on accessories and equipment to support the medical practitioner or physical therapist and encourage healing expectations to ensure future prospects and good qualitỳ of life.